The Royal Gurkha Rifles Sword with Scabbard

The Rifle regiments adopted the 1822 pattern of Infantry sword. Later in 1827, some modifications were made in the existing design of the sword for The Rifles. The layout being the same, the hilt was crafted in steel instead of gilt brass. The Royal Cypher was also replaced by bugle-horn suspended with a string.

The sword of the regiment of Gurkha Rifles in the pre 1947 Indian Army bore a steel hilt with a cartouche depicting the stringed bugle-horn surrounded by a plain oval. However, the sword of 5th Gurkha Rifles who copied the British Army Rifle Brigade had a wreathed oval surround to the cartouche of the sword hilt.

Presently the Gurkha officers- the finest and most feared soldiers, carry the former Rifle pattern sword having a cartouche surrounded by a plain oval.

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