Captains Navigation Kit

A proper Navigation Kit could mean the difference between a great captain or one resting in Davy Jones? locker. The solid wood display box features a glass top and brass hardware. Housed inside are a brass compass, sand timer and mini telescope.

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This Navigation Kit would have been an early example of what a ship’s captain would have had in his cabin aboard ship. Set includes brass compass, sand timer and mini telescope. All presented in a solid wood display box with brass hardware and glass top. Everything functions and it makes a great prop or display piece for any nautical decor.?

  • Wood case: 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ x 2-1/2″

For over 70 years? Windlass has been a trusted name in historically accurate replicas from the past including arms and armor. An ISO-9001:2015 certified company, they are a trusted source throughout the world. ?

Windlass Nautical celebrates our nautical past by recreating historically significant sea going instruments in wonderful detail. We are able to capture the age-old spirit of seafaring through highly skilled artisans who still make high quality items by hand for our discerning customers that goes against a modern world of mass production.

Accurate replicas of timers, compasses, magnifiers, lights and desk sets are superbly crafted paying homage to the sea in a way that anyone can appreciate.