Harry Potter School Sweater w/ Tie

The Hogwarts Uniform is worn during lessons, while eating and while studying. It consists of a plain buttoned shirt, a house tie, a grey knitted v-neck sweater with a house colored cuffs and waistline, grey trousers or a pleated skirt, plain black shoes, grey socks and a plain black buttoned robe with the appropriate house’s emblem. Our sweater copy is made exactly like the screen version from Harry’s later years at Hogwarts. Complete the ensemble with the shirt, pants or skirt, all available separately.

This v neck sweater comes with matching school tie. Available in XS, S, M, L or XL. Chose your house: Gryffindor with maroon & gold accents, Ravenclaw with navy and sky blue accents or Slytherin with green & white accent colors at the cuffs & waist.

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