Mesh Mail Shirt

J.R.R. Tolkien called it Mithril; we call it the finest and lightest shirt we have ever offered. The super small links are made of 028 gauge, 216 stainless steel so it won’t get dull or tarnish The outer diameter of the links are only 3⁄16″ and each is individually machine welded shut for strength, plus it means the links won’t catch and snag on fabric or hair. The shirt has a square collar, the length from top of shoulder is 24″ and the torso circumference is 55″. The arm circumference is 14″ and the arms are 8″ long. With over 35,000 links, this shirt can be cleaned in the dishwasher too! Just run it through one cycle on the top shelf. For best fit allow an additional 7″-10″ around the torso.

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