Royal Air Force Sword Small with Scabbard

Ever since the good old times of 1925, the present regulation Royal Air Force Ladies Sword has been in effect by the Air Ministry in 1925. Till this very day, this Sword is carried by RAF Commissioned Officers. The Royal Air Force Ladies Sword is distinguished by a single-edged straight blade with an intricately gold-plated brass hilt.

The grip has been painstakingly made from white fish-skin and a brass pommel in the form of an eagle adds further grandeur and stateliness to the sword. The stamped gold-plated brass cartouche of the Sword is embellished with the eagle emblem of the RAF adding immense glory and opulence.

The scabbard has been immaculately manufactured using rawhide with gold-plated brass mounts whereas officers of Air Rank and above hold a version with more intricately embellished mounts.

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