Viking Raven Pewter Pendant

Bearing a raven much like Huginn or Muninn who served Odin, this pewter pendant also has a ring of runes that consist of 24 letters known as Futhark.

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Ravens were heavily used on Norse flags, banners and jewelry during the 9th through 11th centuries. They signified Odin?s magical ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

Our stunning pendant is made of 99.9% lead free English pewter which has been antiqued to bring out all of the details of both the raven and the runes which surround it on the circular band. The runes are the first runic inscriptions and consist of 24 letters known as Futhark. Measures 2? in diameter. Includes a 30? black leather thong with screw clasp and a small velveteen drawstring carry pouch.