WWI Model 8 Experimental Helmet

When entering into WWI, US forces utilized helmet production from Britain & France. It became clear a version made for our troops in the US was needed and became a priority. Many styles were tested and this version was one of the most interesting combinations ever devised for that war. Using the same basic Model 5 shell, a full face,movable visor was added for protection against shrapnel in the trenches. Dubbed the Model 8, it was put into production by the Ford Motor Co. Only 1300 were ever produced, arriving just as the Armistice was signed. As a result these never saw combat. Because production was halted originals are extremely rare, yet are an important part of our developmental military history. 18 gauge steel helmet and visor is hand forged and plated a rich, antique brass. Typical, adjustable military style leather liner and cotton chin strap. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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