Designing Weapons

Weapons and Armor Designs

Design of Weapons and Armor

Thanks to our excellent synthesis of craftsmanship and technology intensive manufacturing process, we at Windlass Steelcrafts are able to provide you with products tailor made completely according to your specifications and requirements. Our Research and Development team has been able to maintain the authenticity of our output including its minuscule features and aspects. As a manufacturer of niche “handicraft type” items WSC was never able to outsource much work. Hence over the years WSC has developed processes and acquired equipment to be able to do virtually any type of job related to its products in-house. As a result, our manufacturing facility is not one factory, rather a combination of several factories. It has a complete leather shop, wood working shop, metal working shop, tool room to build dies and specialty jigs, casting, painting and plating. The proprietary processes have brought quality and consistency to the handicraft trade.

We possess a wide array of materials and techniques that we imbibe in our manufacturing process, thus helping us achieve superior quality products with eminence. A major chunk of our production process is done by hand and due to our extremely accomplished and skillful workers who hold more than 60 years of experience in this field, designing weapons and armor has become our forte. Owing to our rich exposure and knowledge in the field of designing swords and armory, we accurately know what mixture of specifications and materials are to be used in forming the best possible result.

Our products and craftsmanship are renowned and distinguished all around the globe. We maintain strict quality standards in our manufacturing processes coupled with excellent workforce, thus making us one among the foremost firms in this market.


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