Drummers’ Sword with Scabbard

The Drummer蔘サs Sword was his only source of defence during the late 17th century. Since many of the Drummers and Fifers were small in stature, it was necessary that the blades of these swords must be either short or curved like light cavalry sabres so they did not drag on the ground.

The cross hilted 蔘ヨRomanesque蔘サ style sword which was then relegated to Volunteers and Militia was replaced by this Drummer蔘サs Sword in 1895.The blade of the sword was shaped like that of the 1888 pattern Lee-Metford rifle bayonet and the pommel was urn shaped in design. The hilt was polished in brass.

It was declared obsolete in 1903. Interestingly, the List of Changes of 1901 stated that all swords including the drummers蔘サ must be sharpened ‘before going on service’.

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